The Best Leaderboard Maker

Track the score of competitions, sports events, classrooms, and more.


Simple, easy and clean leaderboard maker

Looks good on computers, tables, and phones. Our leaderboards have a simple design that is usable on any browser.


Perfect for schools

Motivate your students to show progress, and engage them with fun classroom contests. Works great on chromebooks.

Any Device

Leaderboards are usable on any device

Our leaderboards are ready for any scenario. Use on any device and configure it to your needs.

More Reasons To Use MakeTheBoard

No App Install Needed

Just want a lightweight browser based app? We want this to be accessible to everyone, so everyone can use our app without any installs.

No Login or Signup

Just like our no install approach, you don't need to login or signup to use our service. But, signing up does allow you to safely store your boards

Collaborate & Share

Share your boards easily with a link. You can share a public (read only) link and an admin (ability to edit board) link.

What Do Our Users Say?

"As a high school teacher, I've been searching for a tool like MakeTheBoard for years! It's perfect for keeping track of my students' progress. It’s so user-friendly and doesn't require any installation, which is a huge plus for our school's limited tech resources. The students love seeing their names up on the screen and it has become a great motivational tool!"

Teacher, Nebraska, United States

"I organize local soccer leagues and MakeTheBoard has been a game-changer for us. The ease of updating scores and the ability to view the leaderboard on any device has made our tournaments so much more professional and engaging. Plus, not having to worry about logins means anyone can check the standings at any time. Absolutely brilliant!"

Austin, United States

"I've used MakeTheBoard for a coding competition and the experience was seamless. What I loved most was the ability to share a read-only link with participants and an editable one with co-organizers. It made collaboration a breeze. This is a fantastic tool for any event organizer."

Coding Jam Leader

"Managing a team that's spread out is tough, but MakeTheBoard brings us together with some friendly competition. It works from anywhere, on any device, and it's simple to get rolling. It’s been a fun way to bond with the squad."

Manager at a Marketing Team

"We used MakeTheBoard for a fundraiser and it was a smash hit! It’s all web-based, so people could see donation updates live. It made the whole event more dynamic and interactive. I'm all in for using this next time too!"

Georgia, United States

"I game a lot and have seen my fair share of tourneys, but the ones with MakeTheBoard run like butter. Instant score updates and a clean look? Yes, please! And no signup needed? Even better. It’s like it’s made for gamers. Love it!"

Seattle, United States