Create a free online click counter

Fully online click counters for any situation.

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Feature Rich

Maintain control of each counter, by striking out players, sharing the counters, and more!

Cloud based data storage means that you can have multiple people updating the counters, at the same time!

Online Click Counters are a great way to integrate gamificatin into countless things, such as streaming, classrooms, offices, and more.

More Reasons To Use MakeTheBoard

No App Install Needed

Just want a lightweight browser based app? We want this to be accessible to everyone, so everyone can use our app without any installs.

No Login or Signup

Just like our no install approach, you don't need to login or signup to use our service. But, signing up does allow you to safely store your boards

Collaborate & Share

Share your boards easily with a link. You can share a public (read only) link and an admin (ability to edit board) link.

What is an online click counter?

Our counter runs entirely on your browser, which means you can share the public link and collaborate with anyone. Use it at a venue to allow multuple people to control and change it.

What browsers is it compatable with?

This online click counter is compatable with all modern browsers, including Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox, and more.

Do I have to pay to use it?

We offer a free tier supported by ads. Otherwise, you can pay a monthly subscription to unlock premium features.

But what if I need customer support?

Then we have you covered! We offer quick customer support at our email, [email protected]